Red Cross, Putnam County Health Department share tips to prevent holiday fires

The Red Cross is offering tips to help people stay safe and prevent fires during the holiday weekend.
The agency says December is the peak time for home fires involving candles and holiday decorations. They urge residents to keep those items away from pets, children and anything that may be flammable.
The Red Cross advises people to check the cords of Christmas lights and ensure they are not frayed or broken. They also say to avoid stringing too many light strands together.
Fireplaces should not be lit if hanging stockings or other decorations are on the mantel, the agency says.
Artificial Christmas trees should have a fire-resistant label, according to the Red Cross. The trees should be kept away from fireplaces, radiators and other sources of head.
The agency also reminds residents to check their smoke alarms on every level of the home.
The Putnam County Health Department has also shared some fire prevention tips for the holidays.
Multiple federal groups say candles start more than 1/3 of home decoration fires. Candles should be at least a foot away from anything that burns and kept in stable holders to prevent them from falling.
Officials also say to keep candles out of reach of children and pets. Alternatives including battery operated, flameless candles are also recommended.