Recreational cannabis dispensaries anticipated to open by holiday season's end

Recreational cannabis dispensary owners in the Hudson Valley say their shops may be open by the end of the holiday season.
Following a recent court settlement, a state Supreme Court judge has endorsed an agreement between the state and a group of disabled veterans.
The veterans had filed a lawsuit against the state for initially restricting the first 400-plus cannabis licenses solely to individuals convicted of cannabis-related offenses, causing a four-month suspension of these licenses.
As per the new settlement terms, the issuance of new social-justice licenses will be postponed until April while other business owners begin their ventures.
Zymia Lewis, representing Big Gas Cannabis Dispensary, commented on the situation, stating, "This is very new. We don't know what the revenue's going to look like. I don't really want to hire someone and then don't have money to pay them. It's just going to be us putting our foot to the metal and getting this business going until we can afford to hire employees."
Several other dispensary owners also expressed their anticipation, expecting to open their businesses within the coming weeks.