'Reach for the stars:' First-generation Asian American NYPD officers hope to inspire youth

Two leaders in the NYPD aim to not only serve the community, but to be role models for their own children and other youth throughout New York.
NYPD Lt. Tawee Theanthong's parents came to the United States from Thailand. He is a squad commander for the NYPD/ATF joint task force.
"We review all the robberies city wide and certain robberies, such as car jackings, commercial robberies, anything that would fall in federal prosecution," Theanthong says.
Officer Gloria Kim's family came from Korea. She serves as paramedic and has been giving New Yorkers the COVID-19 vaccine.
"It's very nice to be able to give back," Kim says. "I know a lot of people want the vaccine and for us to be able to distribute it and get a large amount vaccinated, it's a true honor to be part of."
Both NYPD members are first-generation citizens who hope to be role models.
"My wife and I are both police officers, so we try very hard to teach them values, goals, to reach for the stars," Kim says.
Theanthong adds, "I just hope that I give them the tools to make the right decisions as they move on in their own careers and lives."