Purchase College agrees to pool COVID-19 testing

Purchase College is now the latest school in the SUNY system to agree to conduct pool COVID-19 testing of its students, staff and faculty this semester.
Pool testing is when groups of people are tested for coronavirus all at once.
The method was developed by Upstate Medical’s labs and helps schools trace, quarantine and treat students and staff much faster.
The plan is to test at least three times this semester. The hope throughout the entire SUNY system is to avoid mass outbreaks as soon as students arrive.
"We need to go further because we need to protect our community,” says Dr. Jim Malatras, SUNY chancellor. “I think a vast majority of our students are following the rules. They want to participate – but for that small minority – we’re going to be very tough on those students.”
In addition to mask mandates and social distancing, Purchase has already reduced its on-campus capacity to 25%, which includes only those who can't take their classes online.