Proposal for New York City sea walls unveiled by the Army Corps of Engineers

New York City is looking into protecting itself from the effects of climate change.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released new renderings of a proposed $52 billion project that would aim to protect the city from storms.
“We think there are enough coastal storm risks in these regions, downtown Manhattan, East Harlem that we should do something,” said Bryce Wisemiller, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New York District. “And these are our initial ideas of what is possible in these locations… To better manage, coastal storm risks because it’s only going to get worse in the future.”
The plan is a countermeasure to climate change, rising sea levels, and the projected increase of devastating storms like Hurricane Sandy.
However, the plan is still a proposal and is subject to change.
“This kind of starts the dialogue that we want to start saving with the more engaged and knowledge community folks as we go forward,” said Wisemiller.
The Army Corps is accepting community feedback and comments on its plan through March 7, 2023.
“There’s going to be a lot of engagement and dialogue as we build one increment of the project and for the next increment. How can we do that? So this is the start of that dialogue that we want to have with the public to make the plans that we have just now conceptualized better and something that is workable and can serve the community.”
If approved and passed through Congress, construction could begin as early as 2030, with the date of full completion set for 2044.