Program to relocate hundreds of NYC homeless families to Yonkers, Mount Vernon

Hundreds of homeless families from New York City are being relocated to cities in the Hudson Valley.
The program, which will help relocate homeless residents to other states and cities by paying a full year's worth of rent, will send more than 100 homeless families to Mount Vernon.

"Once that subsidy runs out, now we are dealing with housing them, we are dealing with feeding them, we are dealing with educating the children,” says acting Mayor Andre Wallace.

On Monday, Wallace sat down with Mayor-elect Shawyn Patterson-Howard to discuss the issue and many others as they prepare for a transition of power.

Mount Vernon isn't the only community on the receiving end of New York City’s voluntary Special One-Time Assistance program  - or SOTA - which has spent $89 million over a two-year period.
More than 100 homeless families will end up in Yonkers, where Mayor Mike Spano is considering legal action against New York City.

"First of all, they don’t tell us who they are, don’t tell us how many, don’t tell us where and then to put them in our community ... you have to understand the taxpayers of Yonkers and their burden and what they can support,” says Spano.

More than half of the 12,000 people using the funding have moved either out of state or to neighboring communities like Westchester County.

New York City’s Department of Homeless Services responded to the backlash in a statement that said: “All New Yorkers, including those who may be experiencing homelessness, have the right to seek housing where they can afford it and employment where they can find it."
The statement also went on to say the city is committed to using every tool available, including relocation and rehousing programs.