President Biden unveils new strategy to tackle COVID-19 pandemic

The new administration has pledged to waste no time tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, as President Joe Biden unveiled his national strategy to fight COVID-19.
On his first full day in office, President Biden signed 10 executive orders that call to increase vaccinations and testing, lay the groundwork for reopening schools and businesses and increase mask wearing.
"We can do this if we come together. That's why ultimately our plan is based on unity and all of us acting as one nation," he said.
President Biden and his team - including medical experts - are taking a national approach to help slow the spread and increase vaccine availability at home.
Biden signed an executive order to use the Defense Production Act and his authority to direct federal agencies and private industries to make what's needed to protect, test and vaccinate.
All 50 states, including New York, will now have their own COVID-19 liaison at the White House they can speak to about what is needed.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and local officials have said they never knew how many doses to expect because of chaos within the Trump administration.