Poughkeepsie DPW on storm preps: 'Stay off the streets, let us do our job'

As the Department of Public Works in Poughkeepsie prepares for Thursday's winter storm, the commissioner has a message for residents.
"The biggest challenge we have is the cars on the street," says Chris Gent, the commissioner of Public Works for the City of Poughkeepsie. "Stay off the streets, let us do our job. Don't go anyplace in the middle of a snowstorm. The less on the road, the better for us."

This includes parked cars, which could be towed during a storm.
"We hate to tow. We don't want to inconvenience everybody," says Gent.
Where should you park?
"If they have a driveway, park in a driveway. Park in our surface lots...Get off our snow emergency routes. Snow emergency routes are listed on our websites. So those are the ones we want to clean up first," he says.
He says everyone should also abide by the rules, including alternate parking rules.