Port Chester businesses still without power since Ida hit in September

It's been several months since Hurricane Ida tore through the Hudson Valley but a group of Port Chester business owners are still waiting for help to get their power restored.
Fourteen business owners on the block of 17-25 North Main Street can't operate properly because they're still waiting for the power to be fixed after Ida hit the first week of September.
Port Chester was one of the areas that was slammed by Ida with heavy flooding and damage to many homes and businesses.
This group on North Main Street say they are waiting for Con Edison to get a work permit application back from the state. That permit is necessary because Con Edison needs to cut into part of state Route 1 to turn the electric, gas and heat back on.
"These people don't deserve what's going on today [so] we're waiting. We're just waiting," says landlord Neil Pagano.
News 12 learned Con Edison submitted that application last Friday, and it was returned for more information on Tuesday and resubmitted Wednesday.
Every day without utilities freezes over the business owners' hopes to clean up from the storm and reopen before the end of the year.
"It's such an emotional time because you think you're almost in the clear, right? You see the light at the end of the tunnel and then all of a sudden the darkness comes again. It's frustrating. It's sad. Not just for us, but our neighbors as well," says Anthony Capone of Mary Ann's Mexican Restaurant.
A spokesperson for Con Edison says the project is progressing as expected and they're working to complete the final repairs but didn't offer a timeline.