Police: Bronx man arrested in fatal shooting of man in Yonkers

An arrest has been made in the fatal shooting of a man in Yonkers Friday night, police say.
Police say the shooting took place at 157 Warburton Ave.
Shaun D. Hutchinson, of Easton, Pennsylvania, was found shot in the head in a first-floor hallway and pronounced dead on the scene, according to a press release from Yonkers police.
Authorities say the suspect, Alexis D. Rose, 35, fled the scene in his car. Hutchinson was visiting a woman at the residence when Rose came to the apartment door. There was a confrontation, they say, which led to the shooting.
Rose's car was found in Mount Vernon, blocks away from his home in the Bronx, according to the release. When he tried to leave in his car, police say he struck an unmarked police vehicle before he was taken into custody.
Both Hutchinson and Rose have "children-in-common" with the woman, police say.
"There is no more heinous an act than the murder of a human being - multiple lives are destroyed in the aftermath and in this case a child is left without a father," Police Commissioner John J. Mueller said of the case.