Police: Autopsy of Mount Vernon woman found in front of house shows no sign of trauma, assault

Officials say they have completed their autopsy of Alexandra Castano, the 24-year-old woman whose body was found by her mother at the front door of her Summit Avenue home.
The medical examiner's report says it did not find any signs of assault or trauma on the victim.
Officials are now awaiting toxicology reports.
The family of Castano tells News 12 they are planning to have an independent autopsy conducted.
Mount Vernon police are still investigating and ask anyone with information to contact them.
Stephen Riebling, a White Plains criminal defense attorney, says independent autopsies are extremely rare but explains why some victims’ families want them.
“The family believes there’s something that was not focused on. Maybe they would ask the independent coroner to focus more closely on an issue that they believe maybe wasn’t examined carefully,” says Riebling.