Police: Altercation in Monticello leads to break-in, assault and shots fired

Police say an altercation in a Monticello apartment led to a break-in, then an assault and shots fired.
State police say the home invasion happened at an apartment complex on Harmony Lane Friday when two men broke into one of the units.
Police say Andre Fogo and Rachain Wilson, who are both from Monticello, forced their way into the home to confront a resident about a previous altercation.
Police say both men were beating the resident when a second occupant inside the apartment opened fire with his legal firearm and struck Wilson.
State police say the men took off and drove to Garnet Health Medical Center's Catskill location in Harris.
Police caught up with the pair and say Wilson was treated and released with injuries that were not considered life-threatening.
Both men have been charged with felony burglary and are being held on bail at Sullivan County Jail.
Police say documents were provided to show the firearm was legally owned, and no charges against the gun owner have been filed.