POLICE: 2 suspects wanted for multiple smash-and grabs; 1 person in custody

Police are on the hunt for suspects after a series of attempted smash-and-grab robberies.
One person of interest is in custody after police say they tried to take off, but crashed their car on Staunton Street in Yonkers.
Officials say the search continues for two other suspects who were in that same car.
Larchmont police say an apparent smash-and-grab of a jewelry store also happened in Greenburgh.
News 12 was told that the suspects took off in a car that either crashed or broke down in Larchmont.
Police have two people in custody from that chase, but they say residents have no reason to be in fear.
"There's no indication of any safety issues for the community and that the police are out here doing their job and again,
if you please see anything call us, call 911," says Lt. Detective Dean Politopoulos.