Pleasantville woman linked to murder sentenced

A Pleasantville woman received the maximum sentence Tuesday for her role in the 2006 murder of an Ossining school teacher.
Carmella Magnetti will spend two and one-third to seven years in prison for helping her friend and roommate, Anne Trovato, cover up the killing of Trovato?s mother, Patricia Mery. According to prosecutors, Magnetti disposed of bloody clothing and lied to police about the murder that took place Mother Day?s weekend.
?It will never be enough,? says the victim?s brother, Michael Mery, referring to the sentence. ?She deserves so much more. They should have charged her with so much more, but they couldn't.?
Mery?s family claims Magnetti and her mother, a well-known psychic, controlled and manipulated Trovato to get custody of her young daughter and receive Mery's inheritance.
Prosecutors described Magentti as a dangerous sociopath ?who doesn't know human dignity." Magnetti?s attorney, however, says his client should have received probation since she doesn?t have a criminal record.
Trovato was previously convicted of her mother?s murder and is now serving 25 years in prison.