Pleasantville man plays table tennis for 2,500 consecutive days

A Pleasantville man may hold the world record for the most consecutive days of playing table tennis.
Will Shortz has been playing table tennis for 2,500 days. He's played the game in every state in the country, as well as when he travels to other countries.
On Thursday, the milestone was celebrated at the Westchester Table Tennis Center.
Shortz is the owner of the Westchester Table Tennis Center, which opened in Pleasantville back in  2011. In 2012, he challenged himself to play every day for a year. Then he set a new goal of 1,000 days.  He's now played 2,500 consecutive days in a row.
It turns out that table tennis is not the only thing he's passionate about. He also the crossword editor of the New York Times and the founder and director of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.
News 12 asked Shortz if he has a new goal in mind.  He didn't give a number, but says he plans to continue playing every day.