'Playing With Fire' documentary reaches hallways of state Capitol

Our Turn To Tara investigation into decades of code enforcement failures in Rockland County is already reaching the hallways of the state Capitol.
Rabbi Justin Schwartz, the co-chair of the Rockland County Illegal Housing Task Force, referenced News 12's "Playing With Fire" documentary, along with the tragic death of firefighter Jared Lloyd, who was killed on the job last year.
"There's a 30-minute documentary of what's going on, unfortunately, in our home district. Sixteen years Tara Rosenblum has been covering this story. Nothing changed. Nothing. Except I lost Jared Lloyd," said Schwartz.
Schwartz testified on Tuesday at a special legislative hearing organized by state Assembly Member Ken Zebrowski to address building code enforcement lapses, something Schwartz says has reached a crisis point in Rockland County.
"I don't want to have any more signs and memorials. This government could have prevented it and chose not to. The secretary of state, the Department of State, Building & Codes, the town of Ramapo and the Village of Spring Valley all have blood on their hands for this. So I ask you 'Can you fix it?' You sure can," he said.