Pine Bush parents raise concerns with ‘unsafe’ bus stop in front of bar

A group of Pine Bush moms are frustrated with the Pine Bush Central School District after they say it refuses to reconsider a dangerous bus stop for their elementary kids.
The parents say the district changed bus route on Upper Mountain Road this year to stop at a busy intersection, on a hill, outside of a bar.
They say the stop is up to a half mile away from some of their homes and that there’s no way to walk there because there’s no shoulder on the road.
The group say they’ve asked the district to reconsider but their requests have been ignored.
“It doesn’t make sense to us that we’re not making any changes to correct the problem and I know that we’re not the only families who’ve contacted the school,” says Natalie Haynes.
News 12 reached out to the Pine Bush school district for information and are waiting to hear back.