Pfizer asks FDA for emergency use authorization for vaccine

Pfizer says it has applied for emergency use authorization for its vaccine from the Food and Drug Administration.
The move could mean that millions of doses of the vaccine could be available within weeks.
Scientists at the FDA will now begin the process of scrutinizing the data and ensuring the vaccine is safe and effective. After the agency has approved the vaccine, a limited group of high-risk people will be able to receive the shots within days.
Operation Warp Speed has promised to begin administering vaccines 48 hours after approval, which is expected to happen in December.
The Pearl River-based company is also initiating rolling submissions of their vaccine throughout the world.
Earlier this week, Pfizer announced that its vaccine was 95% effective in preventing infections.
The company says the vaccine is equally as effective in older adults and causes no serious safety concerns.
They anticipate being able to produce 50 million doses this year and up to 1.3 billion doses by the end of next year.
A second shot is also likely to be considered for emergency authorization soon from Moderna.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said that the state must review the vaccine and determine it's safe before it becomes available.