PETA protests 'flat nose dogs' competing at Westminster Dog Show

A group of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals supporters rallied against the Westminster Dog Show in Tarrytown Wednesday.
The nonprofit group demanded the American Kennel Club disqualify "flat nose dogs" from competing.
Protesters who spoke to News 12 say they take issue with physical standards for dogs that encourage the breeding of deformities. They say these are standards hurt the dogs' quality of life and should not be glorified.
PETA is protesting the inclusion of breeds with "flat" or "smooshed" faces, or the scientific term--brachycephalic breeds. There are 24 dog breeds in this category including Pekinese, the popular French bulldogs, the Boston terrier, boxers and pugs.
They say these flat-faced breeds can barely breathe because of their unnaturally shortened airways and this deformity causes health issues and expensive vet bills.
PETA is calling on the Westminster Kennel Club to remove these breeds from the annual dog show..
The Westminster Kennel Club says it has no comment.