People brave cold weather to wait on line for COVID-19 vaccinations in White Plains

Many residents in White Plains have to brave the cold weather as they wait outside in line for their COVID-19 vaccinations.
Early Saturday morning, people were already lined up at the vaccination center.
Resident Don Noll says he jumped on line despite the cold weather because he doesn't want to miss his chance to be immunized.
Dr. John Galeno, with Brain and Spine Surgeons of New York, warns that cold temperatures can be very dangerous and may even cause hypothermia.
"The signs are shivering, and then eventually the shivering stops, then the body cannot produce enough heat...that's when it becomes a real emergency situation," he says.
The doctor says there is also a risk of frost bite, which starts with numbness on fingers or any other exposed body part.
"Even at home, it's important to keep the temperature at a reasonable level. Usually, the level stated is 68 degrees," says Dr. Galeno.
While officials are warning people to stay inside, Noll and so many other residents have to be outdoors, whether it's for work or other commitments.
Dr. Galeno says if you notice symptoms of hypothermia or frostbite, go immediately to the emergency room.
"Worst case scenario is you made an unnecessary visit,” he says.