Pat Ryan declares victory over Colin Schmitt in NY-18

Democratic incumbent Pat Ryan is declaring victory for the newly redrawn 18th Congressional District against his Republican challenger State Assemblyman Colin Schmitt.
Schmitt called Ryan early this morning -- wishing him well as representative, and thanked his volunteers and wife for sticking by him during the campaign. "I look forward to many more years of serving the community, serving our state and serving our country," Schmitt said. "I look forward to having conversations with many of you about where the best hunting spot is, because I can't wait for bow hunting season. Bow hunting season starts Saturday. Now I have a lot more time to spend out in the woods, if my wife will let me."
Ryan shared these words with his supporters and spoke about the other races still hanging in the balance. "We fought with every ounce of courage and integrity, and humanity and moral fiber that we have in our bodies to make our democracy better, to heal it. Right at the time when there is so many trying to rip it apart for their own personal gain and their own personal power and their own personal profit. We've had some wins and victories. We're going to have some losses, but history is going to judge this in a longer arc."
Ryan will transition immediately from serving the old 19th District to a full term in Congress representing NY's 18th.