Parents pick up students from Yonkers school due to weather confusion

Confusion caused many parents to pick up their kids early today at a Yonkers school.

News 12 Staff

Feb 4, 2022, 4:45 PM

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Confusion caused many parents to pick up their kids early Friday from a Yonkers school.
Yonkers Montessori Academy opened at its regular time, but parents say that many teachers were late or had called out due to the wet and icy weather. They say their kids were put in the auditorium or gym as a result.
Parents say they picked up their children amid the confusion.
"We got a call from our student saying they are releasing the children due to the ice storm and pending ice storm," says parent Irene Taveres.
The school's principal, Dr. Eileen Rivera, tells News 12 she used a robocall to inform parents that school would go on despite the impending weather.
She says the seventh through 12th grade students were confined to common areas in the beginning of the day but were soon assigned classrooms.
Rivera clarified that no one was panicked.
"Not panicked, I think they were looking for a snow day and maybe they called their parents to have a day off," she says.
District officials say they are exploring remote learning as an option during future school closures due to weather.

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