District: Mold issues shut down Spring Valley High School

Students at Spring Valley High School are dealing with a sudden switch to remote learning this week.
The school is closed to in-person learning because of mold found in the building.
The district notified parents Tuesday night that high school would be closed due to "hazardous materials." 
The district revealed Wednesday in a press conference that the hazard was mold. 
The superintendent says it was first discovered last week in at least five classrooms that were immediately closed, along with 10 other rooms that were closed as a precaution while they investigated - before officials decided to close the entire building.
“The building was staged for mitigation for various materials in the upcoming summer anyways, but when this issue of mold was disclosed to us, we felt the safest thing to do was mitigate right away and close the building,” said East Ramapo Central School District Superintendent Dr. Clarence Ellis.
The district could not say how widespread the mold is or how long the school will be closed.