Palisades Center hosts push for more organ donors

An event is taking place at the Palisades Center to register more organ donors.
The Rockland Organ Donation Alliance and Live on New York are hosting a Walk with Heroes fair, where they're educating people about the importance of signing up to be an organ donor.
Attendees will get a chance to speak with organ donor recipients, such as Roxanne Watson, who now volunteers for Live on New York. She says her donor was Michael Bowlfield, who worked in the United States Coast Guard.
“He passed away in 2010, and I received his heart on July 16, 2010—so it's my anniversary,” she says.
New York ranks last in the country when it comes to percentage of the population registered to donate.
"I think it's lack of awareness because by doing events like this, we give them an opportunity to donate in the future,” says Michael Prendergast, president of the Rockland Organ Donation Alliance. “It does take a village, you know, because out of 200 donors, you're lucky to find one that actually becomes a donor."
Those who want to participate can stop by the third-floor food court near Nathan’s until 1 p.m.