Owners of medical marijuana dispensary say NY should legalize recreational pot

A mother and her two daughters who run the only women-owned medical marijuana dispensary in the state say it's time for New York to legalize recreational marijuana.
Amy, Hillary and Keely Peckham operate Etain Health in Yonkers.

"I definitely think that's where we're heading. If you look at Massachusetts, which is a bordering state, they've already opened their recreational program and so I think it would be an opportunity, an economic one at that, for New York state,” says Hillary Peckham.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo told WNYC public radio Tuesday that he would like to see legalization before the end of the year, but “New Jersey was going to legalize it. New Jersey stopped. I think that started the shift in the political environment. I don't believe...the senators say on the record that they don't have the votes to pass it politically."

The Peckhams say New York should legalize recreational use marijuana for consumer protection because people should know what they are consuming.

As a mother of two, Amy Peckham says it's important to create laws protecting people from buying potentially harmful products from unregulated sources.

"People who produce it, even if they're unintentional, don't know and don't test that there's heavy metal in the fertilizer. It might not have been their intention to create a health hazard,” she says.

The legislative session ends June 19. If the Senate doesn't round up enough votes by then, the chance of legalization will be dim for 2019.