Ossining teen refurbishes computers to donate to those in need during pandemic

A 15-year-old from Ossining is doing his part to help people in need during the pandemic.
Sam Nadol is accepting old computers people no longer want.
He fixes them up so someone else can use them - and he's doing it all for free. Nadol's love for computers started a few years ago with an old computer in the attic.
He's been doing this for awhile but it's really ramped up the past year after getting a grant from his school. He was able to get the spare parts he needs to do his work.
Nadol's nonprofit Reboot was born after getting the grant. Recycling centers give him computers and companies donate old laptops.
"It feels really good," says Nadol.
He's refurbished 93 computers and laptops so far and has many more to go.