Ossining 10-year-old creates recyclable arcade to raise money for good causes

There's gaming, and then there is gaming for good. One Ossining 10-year-old is raising thousands by making his very own arcade games out of reused materials.
Max Lazerwitz has created 20 arcade games made entirely from recycled material, including a pinball machine and a catapult launcher.
With his array of games, Max has put on one-night events seven times raising money for a different organization each time. This time, all of the funds will be used to buy presents for families in need through Ossining's Holiday Gift Drive.
"I'm always happy to donate my time, money to make kids happier," says Jack Sicard, of friend of Max's. "It's no fun not to be happy on the holidays."
Over the years, Max's arcade has raised $4,000. His mom says he has his eyes set on more.
"Max does have a dream of bringing this on the road and going cross country with it," says Jessica Lazerwitz, Max's mom. "If He keeps getting the requests and his motivation and desire keeps growing, we'll make it happen."