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Orange County moms call on officials to reopen schools to full-time, in-person instruction

The group protested in Goshen and marched between the Government Center and County Health Department.

News 12 Staff

Dec 7, 2020, 11:10 PM

Updated 1,292 days ago


A group of moms in Orange County held a protest Monday calling on officials to reopen schools full time to in-person instruction.
The group, which was comprised of parents from school districts throughout the county, protested in Goshen to make sure their message made its way to the health commissioner.
Health Commissioner Dr. Irina Gelman says the county provides guidance to schools based on local data, but that it's up to individual districts whether to fully reopen.
Gelman says there's been more than 500 cases of coronavirus in county schools since September - the majority of them are children, resulting in exposure to more than 21,000 people, who then had to quarantine.
Health officials say 14 out of 18 school districts in Orange County have had positive cases since September.

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