On The Scene: Looking back at 2022 on Broadway

Broadway is about to take its final bows of 2022, and what a year it was.
The stars came back in full force for the first full year Broadway had since the beginning of the pandemic.
Hugh Jackman opened “The Music Man,” while Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick revived “Plaza Suite” and Samuel L. Jackson starred in “The Piano Lesson.”
But 2022 was also a breakthrough year when diverse voices were featured - and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by a new generation of creatives.
“I do see Broadway changing and it's great to see our stages start to reflect the world we live in. A multicultural world,” said playwright Douglas Lyons.
“A Strange Loop,” the edgy new musical about a gay Black playwright, took home the Tony Award for best new musical.
It was also a year where Broadway made good on an agreement to honor Black artists by renaming two theatres — one for James Earl Jones and another for Lena Horne, the first Broadway theatre named for a Black woman.
Things returned to closer to “normal,” with mask and vaccine mandates lifted for most productions.