Old Christmas trees on the menu for goats at New City farm

For the last six years, people have been able to come to Cropsey Farm in New City to drop off their Christmas trees.

Emily Young

Dec 28, 2023, 11:29 PM

Updated 204 days ago


To you, it's a Christmas tree. But to the goats here at Cropsey Farm in New City, it's the treat they wait for all year!
"We have three alpine goats and three pygmy goats," says the farm's director, Sue Ferreri. "So, we have different sizes and variations of goats, but they all love Christmas trees the same."
For the last six years, people have been able to come here and drop off their Christmas trees and be a part of the whole process.
"Put a tag on it with your Instagram handle, and we will tag you on Instagram as we feed your tree to the goats," she said.
It's a way to keep everything sustainable, which is the very ethos of this farm. But it's also really delicious for the goats.
"They like to eat the bark too, so they eat the needles and the bark over here. See how Loki is rubbing his horns on that? That's almost like a massage for him, he loves it."
And that's not all, they also accept pumpkins year-round for Iggy the Piggy. Pumpkins are her version of the Christmas tree, just make sure they're not painted.
"We'll do a pumpkin ceremony, right? So we throw the pumpkin over so it crashes and then Iggy goes for it."
You can drop off your tree in front of the red barn at any time of day. There is no need to call anyone, just make sure there are no pesticides and remove all the decorations.
"Because goats will eat everything," says Ferreri.
For more information about Cropsey Farm, click here.

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