Officials join rally in Bridgeport to oppose light industrial development in residential area

State and local leaders joined a rally on the Upper East Side of Bridgeport Sunday in opposition to a plan that residents say would negatively impact virtually every neighborhood in the city.
City Councilwoman Maria Pereira led a group called POP, which stands for protect our property.
She says zoning officials are holding a hearing Monday on a proposed change to the city's adaptive-use regulations, which she says would allow light industrial development - everything from waste facilities to manufacturing - in residential areas.
She says properties 50 years and older, which applies to 67% of properties in the city could be impacted by the change.
State Rep. Andre Baker says the size of Sundays turnout shows how deeply the community is opposed to potential light industrial development in residential, office, retail and commercial zones.
The virtual public hearing taking place Monday at 6:30 p.m. 
Developers who support the plan did not respond to News 12's request for comment.