Officials: Five victims killed in Spring Valley house fire identified

The five victims killed in Saturday morning’s Spring Valley house fire have been identified.
The blaze at the two-story multifamily home on 118 Lake St. was first reported to 911 at around 4:03 a.m., according to authorities. Spring Valley police rushed to the scene within a minute, followed by the Spring Valley Fire Department and six other local fire departments.
Scanner calls among first responders were recorded saying “we have people trapped” as fire crews arrived at the home.
Fire officials say the blaze was completely put out by 4:40 a.m. However, five people, including two young cousins aged 3 and 14, were killed. Those individuals have since been identified as Nastacio Díaz, Maria Yosephina Garcia, Rudy Climaco, Darwin Climaco and Carlos Interiano.
Javier Vasquez's son and grandson died in the fire. He spoke with News 12 through an interpreter at a crowded vigil for the victims on Sunday.
"He says, 'This is a very hard situation in my life right now, but this is helping me to give me support.' That's what he said," Vasquez interpreter said.
Five others were also injured. It is the most people to die in one incident in the Hudson Valley since the tragedy on the Taconic in July 2009.
The American Red Cross is currently assisting those impacted by the fire, authorities say.
The deed for the property lists Jacob Jeremias as the owner of the building. News 12 sources say he owns several properties in the neighborhood and throughout the Hudson Valley.
Officials confirmed that there were building code violations found at the residence, but they had been resolved by the time the fire occurred.
“At one point there were no smoke detectors and according to the report that was made from the municipal search that matter was corrected,” said Rockland County Executive Ed Day.
Sources also tell News 12 that residents in the home had previously complained about electrical issues in the home and the cause of the fire may have been electrical.
The deadly blaze has shocked neighbors and the surrounding community.
The Spring Valley mayor’s office released a statement calling the fire a “tragic incident” and said, “our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of the victims and all those affected.”
The statement also praised the efforts of Spring Valley first responders who worked to assist the victims and provide support to the affected community.
Rep. Ken Zebrowski also addressed the incident on Twitter with a post stating, ”Yesterdays Spring Valley fire is a terrible tragedy. While the investigations unfold, we should focus on the memories of these innocent victims. The investigations must be thorough as the housing conditions in this Village are too often substandard and dangerous.”
International offers to assist those who were injured and the families of those who died in the fire poured in on Sunday.
"I spoke with the general consul last night and she sent three representatives today," said Pastor Yanali Ramirez, of the Strong Tower Christian Center. He is serving as the liaison between the community and the Consulate of Guatemala.
"Helping economically, taking care of all the paperwork for all the people who died. I'm from Guatemala too, so they're going to process all the paperwork," Ramirez explained.
"We're just right now in the midst of organizing just a way to help the family in a very material way, as far as money and paperwork that needs to be handled and things of that nature," said the center's other pastor, Juan Pablo Ramirez.
Work crews demolished the home that once stood at 118 Lake St. just hours after the fire.