Officials: 4 dead, others injured in Brooklyn shooting

Officials say four men are dead and another three people were injured in a shooting at a possible gambling location in Brooklyn Saturday morning.
They say officers were called around 7 a.m. to 74 Utica Ave., in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. Investigators say at least 15 shots were fired. They say at least 15 people were inside at the time of the shooting.
Officials say the three injured include at least one woman, and that all injuries are serious but not considered to be life-threatening. A fourth person was injured, suffering from a leg injury while attempting to flee.
The victim’s names have not been released but police say two of the victims are from out of state. The others are from different parts of Brooklyn. The ages of the deceased range from 32 years old and 49 years old.
Investigators say there is nothing to indicate that this shooting was gang related. Police say the area appears to be an illegal gambling location and while the circumstances that promoted the shooting are under investigation, they found dice and cards at the location. There have been no prior complaints of gambling at the location.
Two firearms were recovered on the scene. Police has also recovered a number of videos from the location or nearby.