Off-duty paramedic comes to aid of driver having medical emergency

An off-duty paramedic rushed to aid a driver she saw slam into a transformer near a CVS store in Yorktown Heights Thursday morning.
"I see a car speeding down Route 202," recalls Christiana Corrado, the paramedic. "It completely takes out the transformer."
The car careened into a parked car and came to rest against the side of the CVS building.
Corrado, who is from Carmel, was at a nearby 7-Eleven enjoying a Slurpee and the warm weather.
"When the car passed my passenger side, both windows were down," she says. "I could clearly see the gentleman behind the wheel was slumped over toward the passenger side."
She says when she reached him he was unconscious, and she believed he was in cardiac arrest.
"I placed him onto the floor and began doing compressions while the other civilians were calling 911," she says.
Tina Harbach was the on-duty paramedic from Empress EMS who responded.
"She had performed CPR on him for about two minutes and revived him," she says of Corrado. "When I spoke to him, he said he came back to somebody pounding on his chest."
Harbach helped transport the 62-year-old driver to Westchester Medical Center. She says he had apparently had a heart attack. 
News 12 is told that he was awake and alert on his way to the hospital but had no recollection of the accident.
No one else was hurt.
Meanwhile, the transformer burst into flames and burned down a utility pole.
The driver was taken to Westchester Medical Center. His condition is not known.
Coincidentally, Thursday marked exactly two years since an SUV crashed into the same CVS. Two people were hurt in that accident.