NYC search and rescue team continues work in flooded Texas

SWEENY, Texas - The New York City Urban Search and Rescue Task Force continued fanning out in neighborhoods in Texas Thursday in the wake of Hurricane Harvey's unprecedented destruction. 
The group was looking for residents who may have still been stranded in their homes.
News 12 reporter Andrew Ehinger was with the group in Sweeny, Texas - about 70 miles south of Houston.
The task force is made up of highly trained members of the NYPD, FDNY and EMS. And Keith Hunter was glad to see them. His 64-year-old mother was having breathing problems. After being stuck in their home without electricity for five days and with the water rising, he called for help not knowing it would come from a team of New Yorkers.
"It's beautiful, I highly appreciate it," Hunter says.
But not everyone was so pleased to see the rescuers. In some cases, homeowners did not want to leave and preferred to shelter in place, so the task force moved on.
Though the water conditions were calm Thursday, in other parts of Sweeny on Wednesday, fast-moving water trapped a farmer in his tractor. The task force deployed their boats and was able to rescue the man.
The Long Island members of the task force say they have experience because many of their own homes were flooded during Superstorm Sandy. They say that's one of the reasons why they went to Texas to help.