Nyack public schools seek community input on improving overall educational experience

Nyack Public Schools are engaging students, parents, and staff in a strategic planning process aimed at enhancing the overall educational experience for everyone involved.
In a recent Facebook post, the district encouraged participation in an anonymous survey to gather feedback for this initiative.
The strategic planning process aims to create a roadmap based on the district's strengths, ensuring adaptability while preparing students for their future endeavors.
The process unfolds in several phases:
Discover Phase: Assessing the district's current status by collecting success stories and conducting an environmental scan of its history and identifying strengths and needs.
Dream Phase: Envisioning an ideal future based on identified strengths and successes, defining a Desired Daily Experience, and developing a VisionCard outlining mission, vision, core values, and equity statements.
Design Phase: Collaboratively creating strategies, structures, and processes aligned with the vision through workshops, action planning, and prototyping to generate a three-year operational plan.
Deliver Phase: Finalizing the Strategic Roadmap, developing a long-range district model, and implementing the plan while monitoring progress and outcomes.
In addition, the district will hold two World Cafe community engagement sessions for parents and caregivers with the goal of stimulating idea generation by asking questions that matter, connecting diverse perspectives, and encouraging participation from all in attendance. These sessions will be held at Nyack High School Cafeteria on Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 6:30 p.m. for elementary and 8 p.m. for secondary attendees.
To engage in the anonymous survey and community sessions, follow these links.