NY on Pause: How state’s plan will impact communities, businesses

The plan, dubbed "New York State on Pause," is Gov. Andrew Cuomo's most drastic measure yet to tackle the growing spread of the coronavirus.

News 12 Staff

Mar 22, 2020, 8:04 PM

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New York state is effectively shutting down, forcing businesses to close and people to stay indoors as much as possible.
Once in effect, all non-essential businesses statewide will close or force their employees to work from home. Places staying open include utility companies, grocery stores, and pharmacies - liquor stores will also remain open.
The governor is also issuing a temporary 'stay at home order.' 
This bans all non-essential gatherings of any size and asks people to stay indoors unless they're going for essential items, like prescriptions or grocery shopping or stepping out for fresh air while maintaining social distancing.
Cuomo hopes the measures will assure uniform safety for all New Yorkers.
"This is not life as usual, none of this is life as usual...you have to be smart and responsible in your actions and you have to be able to rely on me, and that means I have to be smart and responsible in my actions. That's the social contract between us,” says Cuomo.
The order will last indefinitely as the state tries to limit the number of people exposed to the virus and ease the burden at the hospitals where people are seeking treatment.
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