NWS confirms tornado touched down in Montgomery during Thursday's storm

Montgomery Town Supervisor Brian Maher says officials have confirmed that a tornado touched down during Thursday's storm.

News 12 Staff

Aug 28, 2020, 11:03 AM

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Cleanup is underway in Montgomery after a tornado tore through the area Thursday.
The National Weather Service confirms an EF1 category tornado touched down in Montgomery Thursday.
Montgomery Town Supervisor Brian Maher says officials have confirmed that a tornado touched down during Thursday's storm.
A funnel cloud was seen around 6 p.m. Thursday, around the same time the storm was in the area. The village mayor declared a state of emergency Thursday due to the storm.
"The path that the storm took -- if not a tornado, some kind of strong storm cell -- did do a lot of damage to people's houses and left roadways impassable," Montgomery Fire Department Chief Robert Reynolds had said earlier.
Shane Daley was in his car on Chandler Lane at the time.
"Heavy rain, hail struck, it got very dark (and) I had to stop," Daley said. "When I started again, there was a tree down in front of me."
Daley said there were so many downed trees and wires that he couldn't drive. He ended up leaving his car and walked home.
Maher says the town is now working with the utility company to restore power. He says emergency workers are also looking to make sure no one was injured or trapped during the storm.
"We have had some tremendous first responders working through the night," says Maher.
On Oriel Drive, Louis Barrera and his daughter Martha ended up with a tree right through the middle of their pool.
"It was terrible, it was dark, a lot of ice hail. It sounded like a plane was landing on top of the house. The wind was such a scary noise, we never heard anything like that before," Barrera said.
Chief Reynolds says approximately three houses have been seriously affected by the storm with trees down on the them.
There have been no reported injuries, and crews are working to remove debris.

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