Nurse says moving company still has not given back her belongings after 6 months

An Orange County nurse who had moved to Texas six months ago and is now back in the area says she is still missing all of the items that she gave to a moving company.
Amanda Nazzaro packed up her Washingtonville home and moved to Texas in July with what she thought would be the help of New Jersey-based company Move Smart.
Nazzaro, who is a registered nurse, says since News 12 first reported on her concerns, the company has been a no-show multiple times, allegedly claiming issues with out-of-state deliveries due to the pandemic.
Nazzaro is back in New York and living in Chester in an effort to get back her things.
“It’s a nightmare we can’t get rid of. We had to essentially rebuild our life from the ground up again. It’s heartbreaking. We were going to move to Texas for something we enjoyed and that experience was ruined," she says.
Nazzaro says she’s agreed to pay the balance due and hired an attorney, but there is still no word on where her items could be.
News 12 tried to call Move Smart for comment but was told no one would speak about a customer account.