Not just for winter! Skate year round in Elmsford

Grab your gear and strap on your skates, we are heading to Elmsford on a Road Trip: Close to Home to try your skating skills. 
"We have two indoor facilities open year-round. This is a place for anyone to come and have some fun," says Mike Felton, skating director of the Westchester Skating Academy.
And you don't need to know a thing about ice skating here because you can sign up for coaches to glide you through the process.
"You can come on out for the first time, and we'll help you get moving out there, whether it be a class setting or you just want to come and skate on your own a little bit," says Felton.
Felton says it doesn't matter if it’s your first time on the ice or 100th time, skating in general is just a therapeutic form of exercise. "It's a great exercise, full body exercise. You're working all those muscles at once."
After spending time on the ice, you can get cozy with a cup of Joe at Climbing Wolf Coffee and Beer in Dobbs Ferry! That’s right— you can also wind down with a pint of craft beer.
Each week hosts a fresh rotation of about a dozen options from all over the country - and the world!
And on the other side of the bar table, you’ll find a whole different selection of coffee - also sourced from all over.
The dynamic duo, brothers JV and Chris Gomez, own this unique shop and they can certainly serve up a savory refresher.