News 12 crew encounters bear in downtown White Plains

News 12 reporter Lisa LaRocca and video journalist Carlo Pellegrino say they were pulling into parking garage at City Center when they saw the big bear wandering through the parked cars.

News 12 Staff

Jun 16, 2020, 10:36 AM

Updated 1,437 days ago


An early morning News 12 crew got quite a shock as they encountered a black bear while on the way to an assignment in downtown White Plains this morning.
News 12 reporter Lisa LaRocca and video journalist Carlo Pellegrino say they were driving past the City Center on the Martine Avenue side when they spotted a black bear.  He ran into a parking garage, then out onto North Broadway, and then hopped over a guardrail and went into Tibbits Park.
They called 911 and kept following him to let White Plains police know where to find him.  They followed the bear down Franklin, Main, and along busy Westchester Avenue as the bear galloped right past the front doors of apartment buildings and jumped over hedges.
Police tried to corner the bear. It was obviously frightened, but it managed to make a getaway into the wooded area at Pace University.
There have been multiple bear sightings in Ramapo, Sloatsburg, Hastings and many other communities.

Bear experts with the DEC say if you happen to see bears out and about, they are probably looking for food. They say it's important to secure garbage cans because bears may be drawn to them as a possible food source.
Town Supervisor Paul Feiner has gotten so many calls that he's inviting the DEC to a town meeting with his community - though he admits they may not like what they hear.
"They also say they will not remove them from Westchester unless they're dangerous," he says.
The bear experts say they can't stress enough not to feed bears or leave food any where they can get it. If you encounter one, don't interact with them - just leave them alone and chances are they'll leave you alone.

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