Newburgh teen works on documentary to expose bullying at school

A teenager from Orange County says he was taunted and bullied by classmates for years because he is gay, and he’s creating a documentary to share his story.
Newburgh Free Academy junior Tim Marry says he is creating a YouTube video to expose what he calls an ongoing problem at his school.
Marry says the bullying started for him around fifth grade. He says for the past six years he's been brutally taunted in school, including people throwing rocks and glass at him, and even spitting at him.

“People calling me names, going around - people would move their desks away from me like I had some sort of disease or something,” says Marry.

The 16-year-old says he's repeatedly turned to teachers and administrators to step in, but that the bullying got so bad he fell behind a year in school.  He was hospitalized in 2018 with suicidal thoughts and diagnosed with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.
"They never, ever, ever suspended those people or ever disciplined them. They'd say, ‘Oh, well we'll talk to them,’" he says.

The teen now says he has chosen to help himself – and hopefully share his story to be the voice for others – by working on a documentary he previewed on YouTube.
"I just want justice. I want to be heard and I want to spread awareness for kids around the world - that it's going to be OK," he says.
The Newburgh school district wouldn't comment specifically on Marry's case, which is in litigation, but says it takes bullying very seriously and that students are always encouraged to report anything that makes them uncomfortable.
Marry says he plans on dropping out of NFA after this year because of the bullying and will begin GED classes at SUNY Orange in the fall.
His documentary is expected to be finished by next spring.