Newburgh seeks to hire part-time police

Newburgh has a two-fold problem when it comes to its inner-city policing between the rise in gun violence and problems with keeping police on the job. 
Officials say the city pays almost a $100,000 to train a recruit - between the cost of the police academy, the officer’s salary, and extra field and firearm training before they’re sworn in.  
They say the problem is as soon as they’re on duty – officers are leaving for higher-paying departments in Rockland and Westchester. 
“I call it poaching,” says Newburgh Mayor Torrance Harvey. “Newburgh is footing the bill. I’m going to start writing courtesy letters to the mayors of these towns and cities or town supervisors.” 
Harvey says the city wants to hire at least twenty part-time officers and increase starting salaries as an incentive for police to stay. 
“We are trying to make it work with limited funds and it’s no secret.” 
Newburgh’s current starting salary for officers is just over $45,000 and it’s not clear how many officers the department currently has. 
Harvey says union reps are in talks with the city manager after losing half of their new recruits. 
We reached out the police chief and the attorney representing their PBA for comment but have not heard back.  
The city of Newburgh has suggested adding part-time firefighters to offset staffing and financial problems in that department, but it has not been well-received by staff or their union.