New York’s poor road conditions cost drivers thousands, nonprofit group says

The nonprofit TRIP estimates drivers in and around New York City spend more than $3,000.

News 12 Staff

Jan 13, 2022, 1:25 AM

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You may be shelling out thousands of dollars a year on your car - all because of the state of New York’s roads.
The nonprofit TRIP estimates drivers in and around New York City spend more than $3,000.
Every year, the federal Highway Administration goes around and checks out roads around the country.
News 12 has learned that the results around New York are not promising.
A total of 44% of roads are in poor condition in the New York City region, including Westchester, according to TRIP, a national nonprofit focused on transportation efficiency.
It says drivers can expect to pay nearly $3,200 a year in the New York City area on car repairs and gas from simply sitting in traffic.
In the rest of the Hudson Valley, nearly 20% of the roads are in poor condition, and drivers are paying on average $1,800 a year.
This has caught the attention of leaders in Westchester's business community.
"It's vital in the New York metro's ability and the state's ability to start to turn this ship around," says Rocky Moretti, TRIP's director of policy.
"We need to be able to show them that the priorities of having roads and bridges and tunnels and overpasses in the county are being improved," says John Ravitz, executive vice president of the Business Council of Westchester.
One of the ways to improve our infrastructure could come from the work happening in Albany and Washington D.C.
New York is set to get billions of dollars from the federal infrastructure law that passed last year, and a near 40% increase in recent years in state infrastructure funding can help fix our roads.

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