New Rochelle to study chronic flooding in watershed districts

The City of New Rochelle is trying to get the problem of chronic flooding solved.
The city is going to be performing a citywide drainage study that will analyze existing drainage problems and potential solutions in their watershed districts.
A recent report listed over 300 drainage problem areas in the city.
To more fully identify drainage problem locations, the city wants your input and is asking flood victims to fill out a form. The form is intended to provide a means for city residents to share photos documenting historical flood occurrences.
They are hoping people will add photos and videos, especially ones that show a post-flood high water mark, or a notation of a debris line from the edge of flooding.
A total of six drainage basin areas will be reviewed: Burling Brook, Hutchinson, Pinebrook, Sheldrake River, Shoreline, and Stephenson Brook. The contractor will accomplish a series of tasks beginning with a review of city data and performing hydrologic analyses, followed by development of recommendations for drainage improvements and the creation of a final report in late 2022.
For more information, including the form, click here.