New Rochelle family's special Christmas tree stolen from yard

A New Rochelle family's Christmas tree was stolen from their yard - but it's not just any tree.
It's a tree in memory of their former neighbor, Mo - who they say was like family.
When Mo died from leukemia three years ago, her husband gave the Porters the artificial tree because it was a sad reminder of his wife.
Every year since, the Porters decorate the tree to display on their front yard for the whole community to enjoy.
But this year, the tree is gone - less than 12 hours after of being put up.
"It had been plugged in and it had been staked to the ground, so someone made a pretty concerted effort…and we don't want another tree. That's not the point. We want Ms. Mo and Mr. John's tree," says Ada and Geoff Porter. 
The Porters are asking the person who took the tree to just bring it back, no questions asked.
Otherwise, they're asking if anyone has a security camera near the corner of Ellenton and Claire avenues to please look through the footage from Sunday night.