New Rochelle extremely quiet as containment zone orders take effect

New Rochelle is already feeling the impact of the containment zone that went into effect Thursday.
National Guard members are in the area to help clean large spaces and help with food distribution. 
The National Guard has posted up in four locations. One of them is at WestCOP on Lincoln Avenue, where they handed out over 400 bags of food Thursday.
"A lot of the community have a need for food, and we're here mainly provide a service to the community. We're here to do exactly that. That's why we put the uniform on every day,” says Staff Sgt. Raymel Romero, of the U.S. Army.
The food is primarily for children whose school is closed because of the state’s two-week ban on public gatherings in a 1-mile radius of the city and normally get free or reduced price meals in schools.
People say the area is oddly quiet.
The parking lots and roads surrounding the school are empty. Residents nearby tell News 12 they think there are almost no people out right now because the fear of coming in contact with someone who has the virus is just too great.
Except for people who are quarantined, people are free to come and go anywhere in or around the containment area.
Northwell Health will be setting up a testing site in Glen Island Park on Friday.
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