New Rochelle apartment complex tenants decry infestation at 'Rat City'

Residents at the Faymor Gardens apartment complex in New Rochelle tell News 12 a rat infestation there is so bad that it's only a matter of time until someone gets bit.
“It’s ridiculous already,” said Melanie Mckay, who has lived in the complex her whole life. “My neighbors that have apartments on that side can hear them at night.”
“Every time I go up the hill, they’ll be like walking past me,” said tenant Mark Ordonez.
“There’s never been this problem until this summer when they started lining up garbage all along the block,” said resident Elliot Hyppolite.
Hyppolite said he has renamed the place “Rat City.” And Rat City is ruining his dating life.
"It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your place or how nice and put together when you have to mention Rat City is at the bottom of the hill," he said.
One woman stopped paying her rent after she had too many rats on her dining room table.
"They took me to court, which is what I wanted," said the woman. "And I explained to the judge what was happening, and I showed her all the pictures. They were all over. Infested."
There have been efforts made to curb the problem. The management company said it is taking steps to prevent rats from getting into the garbage.