Neighbors helping neighbors: Nonprofit raises money to give restaurant meals to people in need

A local nonprofit is raising money to give thousands of restaurant-cooked meals to people in need. 
At Stone Fire Restaurant in Mount Kisco, the owners Gianni Piccolino and Tommy Calandrucci have converted their dining area into a makeshift assembly line of sorts, packaging meals that will be given away to hundreds. 
On Wednesday, roasted chicken and rice and turkey meatballs were on the menu.
The act of generosity is the brainchild of Matt Gullotta, who runs the Gullotta House, a local mom-and-pop nonprofit helping families facing hardships.
"Today everyone is having a hardship, so it’s open to anyone and everyone free," he says. 
Gullotta has teamed up with nine restaurants across the Hudson Valley. He raises money and pays the restaurants a fraction of their cost to make the meals. 
Perry DiNapoli from the Somers Pointe is one of his partners.
"Right now, it’s not about doing business to make money, but it’s the opportunity to help others," he says. 
The Gullotta House has fed more than 6,000 people so far, and it’s also helping restaurants and their staffs.
"The meals we are sending out and we're getting a little bit of money for it from the donations, we’re able to keep our employees working," says Piccolino. "Any of our employees who want to work, we have a job for them."
The project is a labor of love for Gullotta. 
"I’m just grateful we have restaurants and people in the community that are giving," says Gullotta.
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