Murphy administration criticized for allegedly spending $500K in COVID money on new SUVs

Republican lawmakers in New Jersey are calling out the Murphy administration for allegedly spending more than $500,000 in federal COVID-19 relief funds to buy eight SUVs for state officials.
The SUVs are part of the State Police’s Executive Protection Unit, which drives and protect the governor, lieutenant governor and members of the cabinet.
Documents released by the administration say that the SUVs were bought with COVID money to “support state officials who are responsible for responding to the COVID-19 public health crisis.”
But some Republican lawmakers aren’t buying it.
“I just don't get it, I think [Murphy is] in this echo chamber that he's just not hearing the voices of the real New Jerseyans, the 9 million people he represents and serves,” says Republican state Sen. Michael Testa.
The Murphy administration has declined to comment on the issue.
Out of $200 million in federal money available, millions went to hospitals, county health departments and a new class of state police recruits.